Current Availability (please check this first, and then complete the form at the bottom):

Now accepting production rental requests for 2020.

99-seat (larger) spaces: $2,350/week.

50-seat (smaller) spaces: $950/week.

Filming, classes, readings, etc.:  Complete the form below and we will send you a quote ONLY IF the space is available. Note that cost will include our labor cost for opening/closing the space; our minimum cost is $150 for any usage

Can we rent at a lower cost? We're a nonprofit. We are run by a nonprofit as well. Unfortunately, the costs above represent our break-even for the space.

Please note: We cannot accommodate live music, musicals with live bands, or loud amplified sound.  We do not provide technical support. We have a lighting and sound inventory for each space that will be shared with renters.

Atwater Village Theatre is available for all types of rentals-- productions, rehearsals, meetings, casting and classes.  We have two 99-seat spaces, two 50-seat spaces that can also be used as table reading spaces or classrooms, a shared courtyard space for box office and concessions, and ample bathrooms backstage and for patrons. 

View photos of AVT via Flickr.

AVT is available as a full-complex rental (four theatres and additional spaces) depending on availability. 

To find out whether AVT is available, please review the availability above, and then complete the form below and a staff member will get in contact with you directly.  We respond quickly.

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Would this be in the 99-seat (larger) space or the 50-seat (smaller) space?
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If yes, please explain in the Additional Info section. We can rarely accommodate this.